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OK DickHeads let's have some fun with this one!


My wife and I went to Epcot in Orlando, having a great time and decided to have
lunch in Germany. As we were in line the hostess asked if we would like to sit with
someone, of course I said yes. She put us with a Japanese couple in their mid
fifties and we ordered our German beers for lunch. After the waiter left our liters
of cold beer I took a sip and looked over to the Japanese couple and asked if they
were German? You could tell by the look on their faces that they understood some
English, him more than her. She looked at her husband and muttered some Japanese
words ending with the word German. He looked back at her and spoke Japanese and
ended with the word German. She looked back at me with a 'are you a stupid American'
look. Of course the whole time I'm sitting there with a waiting for an answer look
on my face. The stare lasted a long 15 to 20 seconds and then I smiled and winked at
them. They both burst out laughing saying in broken English "you so funny........you
so funny" and to say the least we had lunch with friends!

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